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Two color combination for bedroom walls

Best Two color combination for bedroom walls in 2022

How to pick the best color combinations for the bedroom?

Bedrooms are one of the important places in a home, and as such must evoke a feeling of deep seated comfort. There are multiple aspects to it, and many people miss the not so obvious ones that don’t involve the immediate accessories that are associated with comfort, like blankets or a pillow. In this article, we will dive into one such aspect - that is color combination. To keep things simple, we will focus on a two color combination for bedroom wallsand other common items found in the bedroom.


What is the advantage for going for a two color combination bedroom?

A two color combination is one of the most comfortable ideas to try in any room because it resembles what we mostly encounter in nature. When we go out in nature, mostly we see a combination of green, brown, blue which is most familiar to us. Some two color combinations evoke a sense of excitement, and others help us relax  because they are familiar. Multiple color combinations can be used in the bedroom if the room design is unique and calls for it. However, a two color combination that evokes sleep is the best fit for the bedroom, and we will look into such 2 color combination bedrooms in this article.


Interesting two color Bed Room combination ideas to try out

Following is a custom list curated by us to make your bedroom more vibrant yet have a very relaxing feel. Some of these color combinations are popular in the market, but others are used rarely by people because they feel so different. However, we’ll help you design your bedroom with any of the following color combinations.


  • Blue & White

Our first pick for a good 2 color combination bedroom is to go for blue & white. This color combination is pretty popular in the market, and the reason for its popularity is the appealing feel that it brings to the bedroom. Deep blue brings a sense of grounding with the additional white adding a sense of freshness to the bedroom. Many people will intentionally make the boundary between the two colors not that strictly defined, because these colors blend well in things like blankets. This is one of the vivid color combinations for bedrooms.


  • Gray & brown

Gray and brown is a two color combination for bedroom walls that is one of the more down to earth color combinations that is popular in the market. It isn’t visibly striking as much, but will still affect the mood of the person in the room at a subconscious level. There is another advantage to this color combination - any furniture present in the bedroom will blend in nicely with it. Gray & brown bedrooms are great if your home gets plenty of sunlight through the window, as the sun will keep the room from becoming gloomy during the daytime.


  • Yellow & Brown

Yellow & brown is one of those color combinations that are not immediately chosen by the public for the bedroom. However, many interior designs have shown that this color combination looks great for bedrooms if done well, and evokes both comfort and familiarity. Typically, the furniture blends well with the brown color so it is painted near the floor, and the upper areas are painted with the right shade of yellow. Yellow and green is another combination of this nature for a 2 color combination bedroom. 



  • Gray & white

Gray and white, also sometimes referred to as shades of gray, is another popularbed room two color combination. It welcomes sleep due to its dark tone. If painted well, It appears bright during the day time, and appears dark during the night. Usually different shades of gray are used on the bed, blankets and the pillows with walls having the white background. The furniture and other items present in such a bedroom will help the room avoid being completely monochromatic and therefore dull.



  • Brown & green

Another popular color combination for the bedroom is brown and green, which is a very familiar one for our brain. Usually the walls will be brown and the curtains, blankets and the like - the items that people interact with the most will be made to be green. Brown and green gives a sense of comfort, and the right shades induce a sense of familiarity in the day and peace at night. Many shades of brown can be used with the color green, but usually almond brown is preferred. 


  • Red & white

Although not found in most homes, red and white color combination is usually used in the bedrooms when a sense of lavishness is desired. However, the furniture and other items present in such a bedroom must match this aesthetic for this to work. Usually the walls are painted wholly in white and red is used for the bed, but there are people who use a combination of colors in the walls if they know interior design very well. 



  • Lavender & White

Lavender and white is a popular bedroom color combination, and this is attributed to the calm and welcoming nature of the color combination. It creates a dreamy feeling at night that many people want in their home. Usually the walls are colored with lavender, and the bed and the ceiling is white. With neutral colors, there can be more additions to the room, for instance the curtains may take on a different but matching color.


  • Orange & white

Another color combination for the bedroom, although not so traditionally used in most homes, is orange & white. It is bright and catches the eyes of the visitors quite quickly but it can be difficult to design. Usually the best way to make use of these colors is to combine them in the walls in a smart manner. Orange stands out when paired with white, but this is actually a good thing if you need your bedroom to shine.

  • Black & gray

While the gray and white combination usually tries to color the room in a lighter note, Black & gray color combination is better for people who like a darker tone in the room. Usually the shade of gray used in this type of color combination is darker. Since the colors match pretty well, this two color combination for bedroom walls is easier to design. The bedsheets may also take on darker colors when the walls are painted as such.

  • Green & white

There are many colors that can be used in the bedroom with the combination of white, and one of them is green. Emerald green is usually the shade that looks the best for the bedroom, but green is a color that has scientifically proven to be most recognizable in many shades. This color combination works great if the bedroom has a wooden floor. This color combination is also usually not found in traditional homes.


  • Black & blue

People who like a dark tone in their bedrooms will certainly enjoy this color combination. Usually darker shades of blue pair well with black walls. The bed  and the furniture itself are the one that usually brings in the lighter characteristics in such rooms. Rooms with these kinds of two color combinations must be well lit for them to look good. The color blue is what catches the eye during the daytime, and the black welcomes sleep during the night.

  • Brown & white

A brown & white two color combination bedroom is a commonplace occurrence in many homes these days, and this is because of how these colors blend well with other items in the house. Furniture usually has a tint of brown in it, so choosing walls with the same color when the furniture has extra layers of texture in it is a great strategy for attractiveness. When the sunlight hits the bedroom, this color combination is known to bring freshness to many.

  • Black & white

There are many people who prefer a monochromatic bedroom design. The black and white bedroom looks attractive when it is done right. The right illumination is key in these kinds of rooms, and both the windows and the lighting placements play an important role here. Many people also use a textural wallpaper design for the paint job so that the black looks more interesting on white, but usually it is not needed.

  • Pink & green

Pink and green is a popular two color combination in the bedroom, and mostly used for rooms that are mostly occupied by kids. The shade of green and pink used in this combination is usually light, and the room looks great with mostly any kind of illumination. Usually the color combination is painted with green below and pink above on the same wall, or both colors fully painted on walls that are alongside one another.

  • Yellow & red

Yellow & Red can go together well in the bedroom. We are aware that this is not a very popular color combination due to its striking appearance, but like any good interior designer will tell you, it's about how you craft your room rather than the equipment used to craft it. A pale shade of both colors is usually what works best for the bedroom, with yellow likely dominating the majority of the space in the bedroom.


There are many ways you can make the bedroom look more attractive as you can see. However, it is no way an exhaustive list and therefore there is lots of space to experiment and further make your bedroom truly unique. You can create custom bedrooms according to your interests by adding relevant things in the bedroom or design one for your loved one, such as your kid. Bonus points if you can control your lighting and the temperature in the bedroom, because these have been proven to affect sleep quite a lot. 

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