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Two colour combination for living room walls

Best two color combination for living room walls in 2023

It is a well known fact that how one decorates their home is a reflection of a person, whether that is intentional or not. It is even more important to make sure that the living room looks great and comfortable for both the people living in the house and visitors. This is because the living room is the one that leaves the lasting, and usually the first impression to guests. It is also the place in a house that has multiple functions so making an attractive looking living room becomes difficult. However, this blog addresses just that problem by using a living room color combination - be it between a sofa and the table or between walls. Read on to find out more.


A two color combination for living room: Why is it the right strategy?

It is a well known fact that certain colors evoke certain emotions. However color combinations do that even more effectively. Popular brands have known this fact for millennia, and have used it in their campaigns - food brands use the color red combined with other colors and brands that want to keep a neutral point of view may mostly use white paired with other neutral colors. This idea can be applied to the living room just as much as it can be applied in other areas. However, we are aware that people’s personalities differ widely and we will give you a host of modern two color combinations for the living room.

Things to do to level up your living room design

We’ve curated a list of color combinations and strategies to make your living room more welcoming and comfortable.


  • Pick complementary colors for furniture(ex: brown & Gray)

Furniture finds a place in every room in a house, but the living room furniture must be made extra pretty. This can be done by using complementary colors between the furniture. A good two color combination for living room furniture is white chairs for a glass center table or a light brown table with lots of textures against a dark bookcase. The list goes on, but if you want more customizations you might have to go for the DIY paint route, which many furniture items support. 



  • Use color combination for walls(ex: blue & yellow)

Your living room walls cover a lot of room(that pun was intended) and therefore must be paid attention to in the design process. The best way to make good use of walls to attract guests and influence the atmosphere is to induce a color combination within them. A good two color combination for living room walls is brown and white or blue with yellow. Use bright colors if you want your living room to appear posh, and earthly tones if you want your living room to relax you.



  • Choose the right wallpaper design(ex: blue & white)

Many people like to select wallpapers for their homes, and selecting good wallpapers can do wonders for any room. Wallpapers must be selected based on the furniture and design in the room. If you want the living room to shine, use wallpapers with vibrant designs in them, or else choose regular patterns. Good color combinations for wallpapers are floral patterns that resemble the ones in nature, blue with a cloudy texture and others like modern 3d textures with complementary colors.


  • Try a two color combination sofa(ex: gray & white)

Sometimes if you place the correctly colored furniture in the living room, it can create a huge difference to the look of the room - especially if such furniture takes half the space of the room like a sofa. A two color combination sofa can really make a glaring difference if they have a bright color difference. Sofas with a color combination of red and black / gray and white are quite popular. There can also be color combinations which include more than two colors.



  • Hang up images on your walls(ex: color paintings on monochrome wall)

Pictures and paintings can be another way that you can make a living room more lively. It is a good idea to display your showpieces on your walls. Bonus points if your wall itself catches the eye - which it will do if it is accented. However the two color combination for living room walls, images and paintings depend on the color of the wall and the color of the painting. It is also important to hang the right amount of images or paintings so that the wall doesn’t look crowded with them. Like with many other things, moderation is key.



  • Level up your floor design(ex: monochrome or colored textures on tiles)

Floor can also be a part of your living room decor. The floor should complement well with other things that are in the room be it the walls, the curtains or a 2 color combination sofa. The material of the floor also matters. usually If one adds tiles with ingrained texture in them, the floor becomes attractive. Some people also use tiles of different shapes and sizes to keep the floor attractive. 




So this is it - for our suggestions for a two color combination for living room. But don’t be conservative and think that these are the only color combinations that are acceptable. It is fun to try out different color combinations, and also ask your friends and family for suggestions. You can read some interior design blogs like this one and pick whatever looks and feels right. However, you also shouldn’t overemphasize just looks and get the right chairs, tables and other furniture required for your living room.

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